Better the Breed


Highly Selective Dams and Sires

Ice and Fire Kennels is focused on creating a better GSP, not just "more" GSPs. Because of that, we are highly selective and create a culling process to insure that we are producing GSPs that are better than their parents. That revolves around two ideas in the selection process:

  • Only Breeding Confirmation Champions

  • Only Breeding Hunting Champion/Titled Dogs

As a result, the GSPs in our litters will be:

  • Natural retrievers, pointers, and backers

  • Beautiful

  • Versatile hunters

  • Cuddle monsters​

Insuring Your Success

A Comprehensive 12 Month Owner-Puppy Program

We know that bringing a German Shorthaired Pointer into your home is a process and not a one time event.  That is why I&F has created a program for each of our families to participate in a comprehensive and unique 12 month owner and puppy program. It includes:

Weeks 0-8: Our initial consultation, puppy introductions, and selection

Weeks 4-52: Proper food exposure and nutritional guidance

Months 5-6: Bird, water and gun acclimation via a month long puppy boot camp

< 12 Months: Support through NAVDHA Nature Ability and AKC Junior Hunting certification













I&F also offers our owners opportunities to try:


- Hunting Duck, Dove, Quail, Pheasant, Chuckar

- Wild Game Tracking

- Dock Diving (how far can you puppy dive into water)

- FAST CAT (whats your puppy's top speed?)

- Agility (how quick is your puppy)

- Confirmation Showing (your puppy is pretty, very pretty)

- Obedience (who's been a good boy)

- Endless Opportunities... barn hunting, scent work

Our Breed

German Shorthaired Pointers are Friendly, High Energy, Smart, and Willing to Please


GSPs are known all over the world as versatile hunters and all around Gun Dogs.

They are outstanding at hunting upland birds (Quail, Chukar, and Pheasant); waterfowl (retrieving ducks and geese overwater); tracking deer and stag, and hunting game (boar, fox, etc.)

From the American Kennel Club

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile hunter, an all-purpose gun dog capable of high performance in field and water. The judgment of Shorthairs in the show ring reflects this basic characteristic. The overall picture which is created in the observer's eye is that of an aristocratic, well balanced, symmetrical animal with conformation indicating power, endurance and agility and a look of intelligence and animation. The dog is neither unduly small nor conspicuously large. It gives the impression of medium size, but is like the proper hunter, "with a short back, but standing over plenty of ground." Symmetry and field quality are most essential.



The Goal of Ice and Fire Kennels is to work at maximizing each of these elements.