Done properly, bringing a German Shorthaired Pointer into your family and residence will be a truly joyful labor of love.    


For our owners – especially those first time owners, and even non-hunters – Ice and Fire has created a comprehensive, year-long program that begins at birth and sees each puppy and his/her family through the process of early life socialization, integration into the home/family, bird/water/gun acclimation, and proper point/track/retrieve training, ensuring that each of our dogs can become proficient hunting companions (NAVHDA Natural Ability and AKC Junior Hunt certified) before they are a year old.    


We also offer our owners opportunities to try upland, duck, and dove hunting, wild game tracking, dock diving, FAST CAT, barn hunting, scent work, agility, confirmation showing, competitive obedience, and a variety of other activities each family may want to pursue with their intelligent, athletic, and cooperative Ice and Fire Puppy.  


Beyond that, we employ a canine nutritionist for our sires and breeding bitches from before the pups are conceived, so your pup’s food needs are fully met – from before they are born and each step of early life development – with the goal of  ensuring health, physical fitness, and longevity.