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Our Approach

Bettering the Breed

Highly Selective Dams and Sires

Ice and Fire Kennels is focused on creating a better GSP, not just "more" GSPs. Because of that, we are highly selective and create a culling process to insure that we are producing GSPs that are better than their parents. That revolves around two ideas in the selection process:

  • Only Breeding Confirmation Quality GSPS

  • Only Breeding Hunting Champion/Titled Dogs

As a result, the GSPs in our litters will be:

  • Natural retrievers, pointers, and backers

  • Beautiful

  • Versatile hunters

  • Cuddle monsters​

Insuring Your Success

German Shorthaired Pointers are sporting dogs that need to be challenged in both mind and body.  Ice and Fire Kennels offers our owner families opportunities to try:

- Hunting Duck, Dove, Quail, Pheasant, Chukar

- Wild Game Tracking

- Dock Diving (how far can you puppy dive into water)

- FAST CAT (whats your puppy's top speed?)

- Agility (how quick is your puppy)

- Confirmation Showing (your puppy is pretty, very pretty)

- Obedience (who's been a good boy)

- Endless other Opportunities... barn hunting, scent work

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